Post graduate course

Sun Power Yoga
Post Graduate

Yoga Alliance USA have now changed their course names. What was one only 500hr is now 300hr which is additional to a 200hr, so this clears up the confusion of 500hr which some schools run as one course.

The Aim of this Post Graduate course is not only to further the teaching skills and underpinning knowledge of a graduate teacher but to also develop their personal journey through specialist areas and deep asana practice. I wish to deepen your practice and apply such techniques as a daily morning Kriya and brain exercise to allow you to experience the power of thought and the application of ancient Yoga practises. As a busy teacher you will know how difficult it is to keep your own regular practice going, so a course like this will give you back a routine and take you home with many new ideas and inspiring class ideas. As you know the most experienced teachers work with beginners and the less experienced with those who students who have experience…with that in mind going back to basics and developing skills to take them further is a truly important strategy for a teacher who wants a long and happy career.

As we are reps level 3 and an approved YMCA centre all our graduates will be able to work in all health clubs, gyms, government buildings, hospitals and schools as well as anywhere in the world i.e. Europe, UK, USA, Australia, NZ.

You need to have been qualified for at least one year and had teaching experience though this is open to other teachers who have completed 200hrs.