What will I learn on the course?



You will cover all aspects of Yoga, and one of the first things will be to find out what Yoga is! It is not just about the poses, it is about how to breath, how to still the mind and blend these 3 aspects of the mind, body and breath. Yoga has a theory and philosophy that is ancient and includes meditation as the core aim of Yoga Practice. Anne-Marie’s new book Sun Power Yoga SHALA is 600 pages of all you ever wanted to know about Yoga and its transformational message but didn’t know whom to ask!


Our Intensive and comprehensive 200hr courses cover:

  • Teaching as a vocation
  • Learning ‘how to teach’ and the practice of those teaching techniques in a friendly and supportive environment
  • An introduction to the ancient texts such as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Baghavad Gita
  • The Philosophy of Hatha Yoga
  • The Chakras and a Yoga Diet and the 3 Gunas, and Ahimsa
  • The Practice of Pranayama, use of Mudras and Bandha’s
  • The Introduction of Mantra Meditation and Prayer time for personal practice
  • Teaching basic meditation to your more experienced students
  • Asana and the use of both English and Sanskrit when naming the posesAsana alignment, adaptation, modification and the practice of application
  • Hands-on-Adjustments, when to use them and the appropriate use of those adjustments
  • How to sequence postures as a Sun Power Yoga class (known as Vinyasa Krama) and the practice of creating those sequences
  • Health and safety for your students, yourself as well as the environment
  • Benefits of the Yoga poses and what part of the Muscular, Skeletal, respiratory or others systems they enhance and support and why
  • Anatomy and Physiology through the principles of the posturing and biomechanics
  • How does the body move and function and how to get the best out of it
  • The brains role in Yoga and how to change it
  • Yoga and the emotions though understanding the endocrine system
  • How to plan classes, with an aim and a goal and an organic flow
  • How to teach total beginners
  • How to welcome less able and challenged students and to include pregnancy safely in a mixed level class, this may include wheelchair users
  • How to recognise the individual needs of your students
  • An emphasis on your own personal practice, spiritual reading and the use of a personal practice diary
  • Encourage you to be mindful throughout the course, this will help you track your progress emotionally and physically and to communicate with Your teachers


What are the Modules covered on the course?

  1. Meditation, Savasana, Establishing breathing techniques and Pranayama’s
  2. Classical sun salute and the Sun Power Series 1(SPY1)
  3. Warriors, Triangle and men’s health and Sun Power Series 2 (SPY2)
  4. Balancing and foot anatomy and its relationship to posture
  5. Twists and the Endocrine system and Chakra system
  6. Forward and backbends
  7. Informal assessment day and Inversions
  8. The Fish and First Aid for Yoga classes
  9. Pregnancy and the less-able in a regular mixed ability class
  10. Anatomy for Yoga
  11. Final Practical & Written Assessment day 1
  12. Final Practical & Written Assessment day 2


How do the 200hrs add up?


  • You will complete 140 hrs on the UK course You will need to attend 4 more days on any other UK course
  • These are free and part of your fees
  • You will help the team with new students and give them support and guidance.
  • You will also assist the trainers, its such a great time for you, all the work done now you get to relax and enjoy the training days!


If you decide to come to a 2-week residential and do a few days there and have a little break too then there is a small charge, please ask after your course

The 2-week residential will clock up 160hrs for YA and leaves you with 2 days to complete either in the UK or if a foreign national we waive this and ask that you keep us updated. If you only do the YMCA or ACTIVE IQ then this course is covered with the 160hrs


Our Post Graduate 300hr course takes you much deeper, applying the principles above and to also take your own asana practice to the next stage.


  • The course includes the study of the brain and brain training.
  • Study the Kriya, chanting, mantra and practice them.
  • Many types of mediation will be practiced and applied in the context of your own deeper knowledge and that of educating your students.
  • Partner Yoga and how to let go and give in!
  • The River Flow Day with Shereen Khachik from Norway, a Drama, body and sound therapist. This day is a gift to you.
  • It is a personal journey a time to replenish after many years of teaching where you have become tired or too over worked to keep up your own practice

Go back home to your classes full of inspiration and new ideas as well as a chance to work with more vulnerable people and to develop new areas of interest in your own path and work.