A Selection of Graduate Testimonials

On the first day when you put pen to paper on the application form you are welcomed into the Sun Power Yoga family. You are supported entirely and you very soon realise that they challenge you to get the best out of you. It is not an easy ride, you will be broken down, broken down some more and just when you feel like everything is a lost cause it all clicks into place and it really is an amazing feeling.

Throughout the course I questioned whether it was the right time in my life to take on such a challenge, such an adventure as when I signed up it seemed a spontaneous decision that I gave about an hour’s thought to. After lots of tears and sleepless nights I can now say with confidence that for whatever impulse or reason behind that spontaneous decision, my life has been transformed and I thank not only Yoga but the two amazing ladies that took me on the journey. Since a particular exercise where we had to question ourselves, our attitudes and the baggage we believe maybe holding us back, my life has taken a lovely change. From this I realised that life and opportunities starts with a positive mindset and since putting this into action my money and job troubles have disappeared as well being presented with a life changing opportunity and a lovely new relationship.

Anne Marie Newland is one of the most inspirational women I have ever met. The whole team are so passionate and talented at what they do, their enthusiasm and determination is infectious. I want to apologise for being a difficult student at times especially with my printer problems (I have invested in one with my money) but want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing journey and for allowing me to love Yoga even more. I can’t wait to start this new phase in my life with new friends and part of the Sun Power Yoga family.

Warmest Wishes

Amanda Holman LONDON

Studying With Anne-Marie Was Like A Breath Of Fresh Air! I Was Already A Yoga Teacher But Soon Realised Just How Much More There Was To Learn When I Joined The Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training Course. I Wanted A Better Qualification Than I Already Had And I Searched Everywhere For An Inspiring Course. I Picked SPY Because It Sounded So Much Fun! I Knew Instantly That AnneMarie Was The Right Person To Have Met. She Made Yoga Come Alive With Exciting Sequences And Challenging Postures And Her Amazing Knowledge Of The Subject Was Clear. I Came Away From The Course A Much Much Better Teacher, Really Confident And Full Of Ideas. My Favourite Parts Of The Course Were The 3 Hour Techniques Workshops At The Beginning Of Each Day. I Was Continually Amazed At How She Made Them So Different And Exciting Every Time, And I Even Enjoyed The Homework! There Is Lots But You Really Feel That You Have Immersed Yourself In The Subject And Have Filled Your Head With Knowledge.

I Have Now Been Teaching For Several Years. I Wouldn't Change My Job For Anything Else - It's Such Fun And I Genuinely Feel Like I'm Making A Difference.

Jane Collins, Derbyshire

If You Can Breathe, You Can Yoga. It's This Inclusivity That I Love, And I Aim To Help Others Create A Practice That Is Challenging And Inspiring, Finding Poses That Fit The Body, Not The Other Way Around. Having Been Lucky Enough To Train With Anne-Marie Newland In The Sun Power Yoga Style, Blending The Discipline Of Iyengar With The Power Of Astanga Vinyasa Whilst Maintaining The Essential Connection To The Breath As Taught By Sivananda, We Practice A Yoga That Empowers Us To Take Control Of Our Body, Breath And Mind. An Avid Surfer, Snowboarder And Climber, The Quiet Focus Of Yoga Practice Has Enhanced My Mental Strength As Well As Physical Stamina And Flexibility All Essential To My Sport. A Linguist, Xenophile And Nomad At Heart, For Me Stepping Onto The Mat Feels Like Coming Home, A Moment Of Control, Contentment And Peace.

Alys Hoyland Spain

I'm a student of Brendan Murphy's in Luton and just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying my yoga. I've only been practicing yoga for about 10 months and in that time have become totally absorbed. I love the challenges to both mind and body and how postures I never dreamt were within my capabilities are slowly becoming more possible. I've a long way to go but boy am I loving the journey! It helps that Brendan is such a great teacher of course. I once said to him that I thank whatever forces conspired to make our paths cross and likewise I thank the same forces that brought Brendan to you.

I've recently bought a couple of Anne-Marie's DVDs on Brendan's recommendation "Yoga Divine" and the live class. I absolutely love them - and I'm not only saying that because you made them, honest! I found it hard to practice at home - although I've got numerous books it's not easy trying to read them, look at the pictures and move into the poses all at the same time! So your DVDs are the answer to my prayers although I must say I get real enjoyment from just watching them and listening to your instructions too. I find it works for me to be able to see how to move into a posture with clear instructions of not only what to do and how to do it but also what the benefits are, what muscles you're using what the counter bend or stretch is whilst linking it all to the breath. All this I'm getting from your DVDs so thank you.

I'll leave you in peace now or there's a risk I could go on and on!

With love and thanks for enhancing my yoga journey.

Sharon Howard

An amazing venture undertaken. And when they say intensive they mean INTENSIVE! Anne-Marie Newland is the BEST teacher I've ever experienced, a wonderful mixture of Kali and Mother Mary. And Rita Osborne with her 'handbag-hatchet' to chop off those extra misplaced digits, a delight to work with.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for an experience (and now a career :) ) to last a lifetime. Namaste

Maria T. from Yorkshire

Hi Anne-Marie, I hope you're well.

I can't believe a year ago today we spoke for the first time & by the Sunday I was about to begin an incredible journey. What a fantastic & transformational year it has been for me & I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your inspiration, encouragement & faith in me. I'm teaching about 6-8 classes a week at the moment, learning all the time, loving my yoga & I feel very blessed. Thank you.

I wish you a wonderful start with the new April 2011 group & hope to see you soon

Best wishes

Gary Tranter

The course was excellent. It was very hard work for the duration of the course both mentally and physically but with the amount of knowledge and awareness of Yoga I have gained - it has been absolutely amazing!

I joined the course with limited knowledge of what Yoga was about as an in-depth topic, after the course not only have I physically benefited but also academically i.e. I have learned about physiology and anatomy at an advanced level and areas of the Hindu culture which previously I had no interest to learn about.

I will stress to future students it is important that you strive to achieve REPs Level 3. This was the first criteria asked for when I decided to search for job opportunities in the Yoga environment, as REPs Level 3 is now an industrial standard qualification. I now appreciate the weighting of this particular qualification and so grateful to Siromani Anne-Marie who prepared me and the other delegates on the Autumn 2010 course to be able to sit and pass this exam with high marks!.


Rani Leicester Course

I took the SPY course knowing I wanted to teach yoga, but also searching for something more... something to ground me as a person, to centre and focus me.

I was a bit of a mess before the course and even more of a mess during the course, frequently leaving the Sunday classes with teary eyes, feeling weary and looking dishevelled, confused, tired and yet somehow inspired and driven...

This course breaks you down and builds you back up as the better, more centred, more focused you. You cannot lie to this course and you cannot cheat it, you just have to pour your heart and soul into it, and your every waking (and sleeping) moment... And only then do you fully receive the amazing gift this course and Siromani Anne Marie offers you. Be prepared to make friends for life, cry, laugh, struggle, and blossom and most importantly, BREATHE.

It’s 3months of hard work but even more rewarding because of it!

Lucy Wilson London course

The Sun Power Yoga course is not an attendance course. Intensive means Intensive! To successfully complete this course you will need the full backing and support of your spouse or partner. You will also need to factor in enough time to complete homework, carryout your own personal practice and teaching practice. I averaged eighteen hours of time spent each week, just on homework alone. The days can also be exceptionally long, especially if you have to travel a long distance to the venues.

Siromani Anne-Marie has an excellent underpinning knowledge of the body and blends this in to the lessons effortlessly, ensuring that you will come away from the course with an enormous amount of knowledge and be able to teach confidently and safely. However, be warned she is a strict disciplinarian and will expect you to perform on your mat and always give your best. Also expecting your homework to be completed and handed in on time. When necessary, Anne-Marie elicits the more compassionate and nurturing side to her nature and when appropriate displays a keen sense of humour.

You will be taken out of your comfort zone on many occasions, both mentally and physically and at times wonder what you are putting yourself through – Fact! But if you have the available time, support and blessing from your loved ones, then this may be the course for you. I recommend that you attend one of the practice days to experience a day of the course for yourself, ensuring that you speak to as many of the current students to establish their views.

Tyrone Morgan, Soldier, London

Be prepared to lose your life as you know it for 3 months, but a journey that is worth every minute.

I can now write the Hatha Yoga Pradipika on one grain of rice!

Clare McCarthy 2011

Before starting the course, I was really afraid I couldn't make it, because I knew there was hard work waiting for me. Coming from a different educational background, I had no idea what to expect. Anne Marie helped me overcome all the obstacles and I was really lucky to be taught by such an experienced teacher.

Rita Osborne was always there for me. The course was really intensive and my teacher was strict and fair to me. Having finished that course, I managed to be a better person and to learn to use efficiently my computer!

I would go through that journey again without a moment's hesitation and I will carry all this knowledge to my future students!

Kind regards

Maria Skarpeti / Greece

Thank you so, so, so much. I have never felt such self-achievement – and I can’t believe I have done it (well, if I pass your paper!).  I found it so hard through points, and so nearly came to walking away but SO glad I didn’t.

I will miss it very much, maybe not the pressure, but the people and the sense of focus on it. 

I know I will teach now…as before I wasn’t even sure.

Rhona / London