Is this a Diploma course and what Accreditations will I gain?



This is a Diploma course yes, not a certificate, this means the depth and standards of work and attainment are high, think of it as 2 A Levels.

We are a Yoga Alliance 200hr and 300hr (USA) registered school, not to be confused with any other. The USA one means it is recognised across the world and their logo is respected and trusted at all national and international facilities.

We are also an approved Active IQ and YMCA centre who can deliver the Yoga Diploma at Level 3. There are no other levels of Yoga Teacher training so you will not need to have a L2 for instance as it does not exist.

As an approved centre we are also on the Skills Active and REPS registers and this means our graduates have an automatic membership to this register that accepts teachers who meet the highest standards. An annual fee is required.

Mix and Match your qualifications-What’s best for you?

  •  You will all get the Yoga Alliance 200hr USA.
  •  You may wish to also do the YMCA, which includes 2 A&P exam papers.
  •   The L2 Principles of Health and Fitness and the L3 A&P
  • Some students really want the A&P at level 3 so they have worked hard to get it.
  • So this could be taken as a stand-alone exam paper. This will cross over to any other L3 qualifications such as PT or Pilates.
  • We are now also an Active IQ approved centre, the A&P is included in the course work and therefore there are no exams attached, yet its is still a L3 Diploma.
  • We feel this is great for students who are exam phobic so an option in our opinion.


We do talk to you about the best options for you prior to the course.


What are the entry requirements?

  • You need to have been practising yoga for at least 2 years, a good, grounded practice with a teacher or teachers.
  • We know people move around a lot so don’t worry if you have had to move classes often.
  • If you have not had a recent practice because of ‘life and its obstacles’ then this should not stop you applying.
  • Not practised for 2 years yet? If you are a school teacher or have a background in dance, sport or medicines such as physio or abody- mind therapist then apply!


Talk to us if you are not sure you meet the criteria, don’t feel disheartened!