What is our Daily Course Timetable?


For our 12 week, one day a week course and our 2-week Residential’s we run a strict regime! Anne-Marie tries to conjure an ashram style timetable for her students so we begin with Meditation with a small alter housing a Nataraj, incense and a candle.

  • After Meditation we have Pranayama
  • Then we have a 3hr Technique class to develop you and strengthen you. Teaching can be exhausting so you need to be fit!
  • We break for lunch; all students bring and share a vegetarian lunch, no meat or fish permitted. On our residential’s we have a feast catered for us of course!
  • Our afternoon lectures follow our Sun Power Yoga course manual and like our classes start with Pranayama/breathing techniques and how to teach such things as Savasana and abdominal breathing and other breathing types
  • Next is the Surya Namaskar day etc. Each week/day follows our class
  • The lectures always include learning how to teach, adapt, modify and adjust and to practice teaching.

These are fun and informative and fascinating!

We have a tea break at 3, and if you didn’t eat all the cake at lunch we can have a slice!