What exams and assessments will I be taking during the course?



  • At week 7 or day 6 you will have your first informal Practical assessment.
  • This is where you can get a feel for standing up and teaching to a class rather than 1 to 1 in our lecture sessions.
  • We will ask you to teach Savasana, pranayama and 3 rounds of Surya Namaskar, sun salute.
  • I the assessor feels you need more time then you can do it again sometimes on the same day
  • You will get a chance to give and receive feedback and to get a chance to get it wrong as well as get it right. It is a practice run.
  • Your final and important practical assessment is on your last day of the course, where you teach your own designed class plan
  • If you refer you will get the opportunity to retake and it wont stop you teaching as you will be insured as a student teacher.
  • Written exams are the Sun Power Yoga paper that is all about all you did on your course, no tricks, no surprises, it just gets you to see just how much you have learned!
  • Anne-Marie’s book has a section called Ask Anne-Marie…its all there!
  • If you decide you want to do the L2 & L3 A&P papers then these are on week 8/day 7 or on your last day of the course.
  • If you need to retake then you can, no problem and it wont stop you teaching of course!


How much Homework is there?

  • It is a Diploma course so there is quite a bit to do.
  • All your afternoon lectures are photographed, you teaching as well as being taught.
  • We take a snap shot of every angle of a pose breaking down all aspects such as safety and alignment of the knees and back and hips.
  • Good alignment and the understanding of the skeleton and muscles mean less or no injuries!
  • All this must be written up each week and handed in with the development of a class plan that works off of the homework assignment. We give you samples and lots of help to get this right and to produce your own manual with it.


How many hours a week does this course work and homework take?

  •  How long is a piece of string? We all have different working methods so it will depend on your, your other jobs and how you time manage.
  • Course work is what you need to complete for YMCA or ACTIVE IQ
  • Homework is what you need to complete for the YA200hrs
  • So if you decide to only take the YA200hr then homework covers it
  • We help you organise your work efficiently but in the end you have to set to and produce it.

We always say prioritise your work and don’t leave it too long lest you forget what you need to do. Photos will jog your memory and so will our manual, its all there too! Anne-Marie’s book covers the whole course and a lot more so use the index in the back.



We like to get you started on the course as soon as you are accepted. We send you some pre-coursework by way of some questions about Yoga Philosophy and Theory. Anne-Marie's book Sun Power Yoga Shala is an intrinsic part of the course and covers all areas and beyond! This is one of your main resources. We love you to put your own Ideas and life Experiences into Understanding Yoga theory, it is after all...all yoga!